My Big Mouth By Steven Camden

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Big lies mean big trouble for Jay and his mates. Funny and tender, My Big Mouth, CLiPPA Award-winner Steven Camden's brilliant first novel for readers of 8 to 11, is about friendship, storytelling and the price of being cool.

‘They think I’m cool.’Dom’s face wrinkled up, ‘Who does? Who cares?’But I did. I cared. When Dad leaves, ten-year-old Jay has questions.

Where has he gone? Why did he go? When no one can give Jay the answers he needs, he makes up his own stories, setting off a chain reaction that sees regular old Jay go from just another face in the crowd, to the centre of attention. But being the coolest kid in school comes at a cost. And as things spiral out of control, can the most unlikely person help him learn the most important lesson of all?